Messy Mexican
Grilled angus burger topped with thinly sliced pork belly, grilled jalapeƱos, roasted tomatoes, chipotle sauce and oaxaca cheese wrapped in a tortilla.
Quesadilla Birria
2 Flour tortillas filled with our shredded birria beef, onion, cilantro and oaxaca cheese. Lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream on the side.
8 oz Hot Salsa
Homemade hot salsa. Roasted Chile de arbol, roasted garlic, tomatoes, vinaigrette, lime, onions and cilantro.
AZTCA Food Truck

food truck 

We take pride in the authenticity of our dishes, as you would find them in Mexico. Full of traditional flavor and fresh, high quality ingredients, you'll find the staples you would normally expect, as well as other interesting and delicious options.
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